Fur Deluxe Slippers is a luxury slipper brand.

We reclaim classic and cult models of slippers, sandals, Charentaise, loafers and other flipflops to make our Fur a unique and exclusive product.

We recycle the best vintage furs to give them a new life.

Each pair of Fur is unique and numbered and can be customized on demand depending of course of the skins at our disposal.

Whether mink, woolen skin, marmot, astrakhan, rabbit, goat or even Afghan lamb all our Fur are made by hand in France in a traditional way.

Fur Deluxe Slippers is an exclusive and rare luxury product, perfectly in tune with its time.

Eco-responsible, we only use skins destined for destruction, no cardboard packaging, but natural ber cloth pads and our production remains

Made in France in order to minimize our ecological footprint on the environment.

Digital, our communication and sales system is completely digital thanks to Instragram.